Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide a secure working environment for the employees and give opportunity to monitor the personnel working hours and circulation. The data obtained from access control systems can also easily be used in payroll management. Users can monitor entries and exits, limit access to certain areas according to authorization levels, record all events, create scenarios by defining the routine and the extraordinary events. Beside these functionalities, First has unrivalled expertise of access control hardware and software solutions which will help to increase overall efficiency.

Card Access Control Systems

  • Access control systems are comprised of hardware units and software. Hardware units generally include cards, readers and control panels. The information on the access card is received by the card reader and sent to the panel. Access is allowed if the card holder is authorized. First works with the leading access control manufacturers Sintel Italia, Kantech and Tyco providing safety for numerous workplaces in our country.

  • First uses the pioneering access control software AXS Alert, developed by Visonic. AXS Alert offers users easy reporting and instant notification opportunities in alarm-raising situations (like forced entry). It also has an “anti-passback feature” which block the exit of someone who earlier made an authorized entry following a person with card access, and notifies the security guards of this security gap. With another supplied feature, it increases life safety by restricting entries at places which can hold a limited number of people.

Biometric systems

  • Based on confirming physical and behavioral properties of individuals, biometric systems are employed in places which require increased security. Access control techniques like recognizing the fingerprint, iris, face, and now the finger vein of users are impossible to fail or be abused.

  • First provides high security with different biometric systems in penal institutions, plazas, banks and retail businesses.

  • Perimeter, Premises and Building Security Systems Perimeter security systems detect any intrusion within the physical borders of an area and send a notification to a control center. First uses these systems to provide site security for large First offers different technologies, all employing sensors which can be mounted on fences, placed underground or on surface for instantly notifying the center of attempts like climbing or cutting the fences or any intrusion within these systems are integrated with closed circuit TV systems through matrix switchers. When an alarm is sent from a zone, all cameras directly show the related zone in the monitors and the security staff is instantly notified.

Turnstile Systems

  • Turnstiles under electronic security control are significant for the sturdiness of physical access systems like doors, as well as for their trustworthiness and aesthetics. First works with internationally renowned brands in turnstile system projects. Operating in integration with access control systems, turnstile systems are used in the head offices and buildings of prominent institutions in Albania, including CEZ..

Metal detection systems

  • One of the solutions that First designs for buildings and residences is the intercom system, which allows video communication.

  • With video intercom system, arriving visitors are viewed before they enter the building and ill-minded visitors are denied entrance. These systems also have photo capturing features, so the visitors can later be tracked down from pictures even if the owners are outside the house.

X-Ray baggage control systems

  • First lays out and installs suitable X-Ray control systems at the building entrances and exits, providing high and fast security at airports, customs control centers, governmental offices, military establishments, prisons and nuclear energy plants. X-ray equipments can display what is found inside any baggage and package. They render the detection of dangerous object more efficient and secure than hand and eye control by marking organic and inorganic object with its sensors.

Interlock system

  • First introduces interlock systems to clients specially designed to the needed levels of authorization. Interlock door control is based on the principle of locking the other doors in a room when a door is open. This system was designed for the protection of individuals found in a secure area in case of outside threat and ensuring their safety until the threat is over. Initially deployed at the administrative floors of important plaza buildings in Albania, this system is currently found in numerous banks, production facilities and administrative offices of business centers. Also used for the protection of prisoners under threat in penal institutions, the system has a deterrent effect. Interlock system is commonly used in critical areas like surgery.

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