Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

Corporate intrusion detection systems

  • First Albania uses intrusion detection systems to control unauthorized entries and to avoid thefts and robberies. Intrusion detection systems are a crucial need at workplaces nowdays. All the components of this system are integrated with each other. The alarm goes off at the right time, preventing the possible loss that may be caused by perpetrators.
  • There are special buttons to be used under dangerous circumstances for sending emergency alerts to related persons. The sudden or considerable differences in measurable values like the temperature activate alarms as well as cases of floods, window breaks and unauthorized door access. These systems can be operated through passwords and remote controls, making it possible to monitor door opening and closings.

Alarm Monitoring – Monitoring Center (UGM)

  • First Albania offers 7/24 assistance in alarm, notification and monitoring services with its advanced technology, under the guidance of experienced professionals.
  • Intrusion detection systems are in communication with the Monitoring Center. All alarms and cases like theft, robbery, fire, flood and unauthorized entry are transmitted to the MC center through landlines, GPS and GPRS.
  • Upon receiving the alarm data, qualified professionals track this information with the help of special software. MC contains all contact details relating to the location of the alert. In case of an alarm, a pre-designed action scenario is performed.

MCs services:

  • A new risk scenario for each subscriber
  • Checking user data and signals over the internet
  • Checking user log-in and log-offs
  • Detecting the operations of unauthorized personnel and taking action according to the scenario
  • Reporting the dates and hours of users access to the system and reporting the dates and the reasons of sent alarms
  • Detecting signal problems in telephone lines and notifying the users

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