Who are we?

When we first started at the Albanian market, we were called dreamers. Now we serve the most important business companies as well as a number of public institutions in Albania.

And we set to expand the range of products and services even more in our drive to build on our many accomplishments. As a company we know how to listen our client's needs.

We understand their issues to provide the best customized solutions.

Technology has the power to mould environments and infrastructures for the advanced information age, and First Group is a comprehensive engineering services and consulting company.

First provides one-stop solutions in security services, network services, market research, IPSEC, engineering services, consulting, training and research & assessment services, mainly to international companies operating in Albania or willing to start business there.

Urban surveillance presents challenges across a vast array of sectors. The company mission is to provide top-class solutions to banks, financial & public institutions and all kind of businesses to gloabal standarts, but tailored to the local market and adapted to the specific requirements of individual clients.

Having considerable scientific and engineering know-how, and significant experience in deployments of integrated security systems, the company continuously develops functional capabilities in the global market of video surveillance and security.

Excellence is not an act but a habit

But this market leader won't rest on its laurels as it strives to expand its products and services to its global client base.

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